A Clear Canvas: 10 tips for preserving art in storage units

A Clear Canvas: 10 tips for preserving art in storage units

The Maritimes are a robust muse for artists. Therefore, it's no surprise that our region hosts an abundance of talented painters, photographers and knowledgeable dealers.

Whether you're a creator, collector or dealer, you understand the debilitations of a cluttered studio. Thankfully, we offer storage units in PEI to accompany artistic endeavours of all sizes–and our storage experts have state-of-the-art knowledge to keep your masterpieces in mint condition. So read on and discover ten ways to preserve your art to perfection!

1.)Keep artwork away from bright lights


Did you know that paintings and antiques can depreciate from sunlight and direct lighting? Discolouring, warping and fading may happen as light can trigger chemical reactions within paint due to ultraviolet radiation. Keep your artwork in boxes or envelopes to avoid long-term encounters with light.


2.)Consider a climate-controlled storage unit


Works of art may suffer irreversible damage from moisture, heat and humidity. Fine art often accumulates value over time, so choosing a climate-controlled storage unit can be a long-term investment.


Are you considering self-storage in Charlottetown? We offer discounts for the first 12 weeks for climate-controlled units at our Charlottetown locations!


3.)Keep extra space between artworks


Artwork is fragile–it should never be stacked or placed beneath multiple pieces. Instead, ensure a large enough storage area for walking space between components, so no belongings are crammed together.


Are you storing unframed pieces? Then consider a conservation mat board. Place your artwork on a board at least two inches larger than your artwork on each side. The board will help prevent creasing and chemical reactions occurring from different paints.


We have storage rentals of numerous sizes to facilitate all sizes of art collections.


 4.)Clean art before storing


Minor cleaning can go a long way before renting a storage locker for art. Canvas art, sculptures and antiques should be wiped and lightly dusted before storage.


Ensure your cleaning products are suitable for the materials they're used on. Additionally, avoid harsh chemicals on antiques, as ageing makes them further susceptible to damage.


5.)Take your time packing


Art is fragile. Therefore, it's wise to pack ahead of time to avoid rushing. Ensure your art isn't tarnished from careless actions by individually packing each item, wrapping it with a secure coating and adequately sealing the box. For an additional measure, consider bubble wrapping each object for extra protection.


6.)Inspect for damage 


We recommend inspecting artwork for damage before storing it and documenting its current state through written reports and photographs. 


Documentation helps you determine if damage occurs while art is stored and is often required when dealing with insurance.


7.)Handle artwork with gloves


As mentioned, paint is an active substance even when dry. Your body's natural oils can cause chemical reactions with paint. Of course, your hands can also smudge and scratch artwork, resulting in irreversible damage. 


Wearing speciality cotton gloves provides extra padding–preventing damage from your fingerprints, bodily oils and nails.


8.)Insure art before storing 


Art is one-of-a-kind and impossible to replace, and we see it as an investment. Therefore, it's wise to insure it if unexpected damage or theft occurs.


Once your art is stored at Stow It All, you can rest assured knowing our secure facilities are guarded with twenty-four-hour video surveillance, electronic security gates and fencing. We also sell highly secure and durable disc locks.


9.)Consider a solander box.


We recommend storing smaller pieces in a solander box–a non-acidic case specifically designed for smaller paintings, vintage documents, prints and maps. Furthermore, having a dedicated container for art helps you plan for success when renting storage space.


10.)Keep artwork flat


Although rolling paints, prints and photographs in tubes is convenient, rolling can result in permanent cracking and creasing. Instead, keep your pieces flat in a chemical-free envelope, mat board or frame to retain their integrity. 


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